Savannah Law School Professor to speak at Vanderbilt Law School

February 1, 2013
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Caprice Roberts, Professor of Law (Savannah) will join Daniel Gervais, FedEx Research Professor of Law (Vanderbilt), in a roundtable discussion of the (mis)use of brand names as Google AdWords at Vanderbilt Law School on Thursday, February 14.  Professor Roberts, an internationally-recognized expert in Remedies and Restitution Law, will discuss unjust enrichment doctrine and its application to intellectual property claims, especially as related to a line of cases in which courts misconceive unjust enrichment as overly narrow in its applicability as a solely equitable remedy.

Professor Gervais’s forthcoming article, “Is Profiting From Online Use of Another’s Property Wrongful?” argues for unjust enrichment as the best legal basis of liability and remedy for the unauthorized, profitable and therefore wrongful use of another’s property.  Professors Roberts and Gervais will be joined in the conversation by co-authors Martin L. Holmes, Paul W. Kruse, and Glenn Perdue.

For more information on Professor Roberts, please click here.

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