SLS Professor Discusses Zimmerman Domestic Dispute with The Atlantic Wire

September 12, 2013
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ShellieandGeorgeZimmermanSavannah Law School professor, Elizabeth Megale was recently interviewed by The Atlantic Wire regarding the attention surrounding George Zimmerman and soon-to-be ex-wife Shellie Zimmerman. Previously called upon during the Zimmerman trial, Professor Megale spoke with the magazine about an incident that occurred at the Zimmerman residence that quickly escalated into 911 call where Shellie feared Zimmerman would shoot her.

An excerpt from the article reads:

So, under the scenario Shellie initially described to police, would Florida law permit her to shoot and kill George Zimmerman? Elizabeth Megale, a Savannah College associate professor who’s written about stand your ground and self-defense laws in the state for years, told The Atlantic Wire that Shellie would have a good chance of walking free. “There are a couple of things going for her,” Megale said,  “They were at the house, so there’s actually, in Florida, an even broader protection in your home,” if it was proven that Shellie and her father had residency. Shellie filed for divorce from George days ago, and the home is owned by her parents, one of whom was involved in the incident yesterday. If Shellie and her father were established as the residents of the home, they would have been “afforded a presumption of reasonable fear” against George Zimmerman, entitling them to defend themselves with lethal force. And if it’s arguable that Zimmerman was entering the home unlawfully, police will start with that presumption, Megale added, which would make it incredibly difficult for Shellie or her dad to face charges.

For the full article, click here. For more information on Professor Megale or our other Savannah Law School faculty members, click here.

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