Savannah Living

The city of Savannah, GA, the largest city and the county seat of Chatham County, GA, was established in 1733. It was the first colonial and state capital of Georgia, and is known as America’s first planned city.

Today, Savannah’s downtown area is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States (designated in 1966). Savannah attracts millions of visitors, who enjoy the city’s architecture and historic structures.

Chatham County remains the sixth most-populous county in the state of Georgia, with a population of 251,120 in 2008. Savannah is projected to grow 47.9 percent, adding more than 140,000 people from 2000 to 2030.The community is rich with culture, art and history, a swell as an expanding foundation of educational institutions, including Savannah College of Art and Design, Armstrong Atlantic University, Savannah State University, South University, and GA Tech Savannah.

After speaking with thousands of students around the country, we are well aware of what students are looking for in a law school home. SLS will provide numerous opportunities for professional development in a coastal city known for its beautiful architecture, intriguing history, attractions and, of course, great Southern cuisine!

We invite you to call an Admissions professional to learn more about our plans for the newest law school in the country.

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