Administration & Staff

Office of the Dean

Malcolm L. Morris

(912) 525-3910

Rose Anne Nespica

Vice Dean
(912) 525-3901

Amy Ervin

Assistant to the Vice Dean & Registrar Services
(912) 525-3902

Allan Brezel

Associate Dean for Finance

Career Development and Externships

Lauren Knight

Director of Career Development and Externships
(912) 525-3919
The Free Labor Standards Act? A Look at the Ongoing Discussion Regarding Unpaid Legal Internships and Externships, 44 U. BALT. L. REV. __ (forthcoming Fall/Winter 2014).

Brittney Alls

Assistant Director of Career Development
(912) 525-3932

Office of Academic Achievement

Susan Landrum

Director of Academic Achievement 
(912) 525-3909
Much Ado About Nothing?: What the Numbers Tell Us About How State Courts Apply the Unconscionability Doctrine to Arbitration Agreements, 9 MARQ. L. REV. __ (forthcoming Spring 2014). The Ongoing Debate About Mediation in the Context of Domestic Violence: A Call for Empirical Studies of Mediation Effectiveness, 12 CARDOZO J. OF CONFLICT RESOL., 425 (2011).

Alumni Office

Ginger Arnold

Director of Alumni Relations

Human Resources

Cynthia Davenporte

HR & Office Manager


Cheryl Ferebee


Law Library

Michael Lynch

Director of Law Library

Ray Lytle

Assistant Director of Law Library
(912) 525-3911

Information Technology

John Megale

Network Administrator
(912) 525-3906

Financial Aid Office

Montre Everett

Director of Financial Aid
(912) 525-3903

Admissions Office

Rebecca Milter

Director of Admissions

Matthew Kerns

Assistant Director of Admissions
(912) 525-3913

Nicole Tarrence

Admissions Counselor
(912) 525-3929

Faculty Support

Jessica McCune

Faculty Coordinator
(912) 525-3928