Core Competencies & Outcomes

Savannah Law School has developed the following core competencies that guide its curriculum and programs.

  • Practice Ready (encompassing communication, skills, quantitative skills, and collaboration)
  • Legal Analysis (encompassing knowledge and research)
  • Professionalism
  • Problem-solving (encompassing strategic thinking and decision making)
  • Social Responsibility

These guiding competencies are connected to Savannah Law School’s first, second and third-year learning outcomes.

First-year students will be able to:

  • Identify and analyze legal issues.
  • Categorize, evaluate, and distinguish sources of legal authority.
  • Apply legal rules to specific factual situations and predict possible outcomes.
  • Use predictive and persuasive written and oral advocacy skills in a simulated setting.
  • Debate, justify, and defend legal issues and positions with respect and civility.
  • Prioritize tasks and assess time requirements to produce work product within defined parameters.

Second-year students will be able to:

  • Connect legal concepts across curriculum.
  • Exercise critical thinking skills for analysis and problem-solving.
  • Engage in legal drafting.
  • Balance coursework and extra-curricular endeavors.
  • Comprehend and demonstrate the necessity of civil discourse and collaboration in a legal and social environment.

Third and fourth-year students will be able to:

  • Apply professional ethics as it relates to client representation, performance as an officer of the court, and resolution of ethical dilemmas.
  • Demonstrate professional judgment.
  • Solve and analyze real world legal issues and problems.
  • Internalize and demonstrate the professionalism required to fulfill societal expectations for the profession.
  • Integrate learning doctrine and theory across disciplines and prepare to shift lessons learned to practice.

Each course syllabus will have student learning outcomes (goals) for that particular course along with assessment measures.

Student Success Programs

Academic Achievement Program

To help our students achieve the high standards we have set for them, we have created an extensive support system, including the Office of Academic Achievement (OAA). The OAA is a learning resource center dedicated to preparing students to succeed in law school, on the bar examination, and in the legal profession. Our students participate in workshops and take innovative courses designed to sharpen their academic skills, including the Professional and Academic Success Seminar (P.A.S.S.). A required course for all first-year students, P.A.S.S. trains students in the academic skills needed to maximize their academic performance, including critical reading, case briefing, outlining, and legal analysis, and writing. The OAA also offers for-credit courses in Advanced Analytical Methods and Advanced Bar Skills for upper-level students. Finally, to help our students achieve their full academic potential, the OAA works with individual students to help them set and achieve academic goals.