Q. Is there a deadline by which the Law School must have my official transcripts on file?
A. Yes. All official transcripts verifying all academic credits undertaken and degree(s) conferred must be received by the Law School by October 15th.

Q. When is Orientation?
A. Forthcoming.

Q. When will I register for classes?
A. When you submit your seat deposit you are automatically registered for you first year courses, and there are no further steps you need to make.

Q. When will I receive my class schedule?
A. You will receive your class schedule in late July.

Q. When is the first day of class?
A. Forthcoming

Q. When will I receive my required book list?
A. You will receive your book list in late July.

Q. Does SLS offer book vouchers?
A. No, SLS does not offer “book vouchers” in the traditional sense of the term, where the school would provide you money to purchase books. However, SLS does provide students the option to purchase their textbooks through a company called eFollett, and the amount is billed directly to your student account. Once your financial aid is awarded your book fees are deducted from that amount prior to the disbursement of your funds. More information can be found HERE.

Q. When will I receive my first assignments?
A. First assignments will be available in early August via the Savannah Law School website.

Financial Aid

Q. What is Savannah Law School’s FASFA code?
A. Our school code G31733

Q. When will I receive my financial aid award letter?
A. Award letters will be sent to your SLS email address in mid-July. You will also be provided a cost of attendance sheet at that time. The award letter will list all pending aid disbursements (including scholarships). If you need to decrease any amount shown on the award letter, just make the changes in the area(s) provided, sign the letter, and return it to the Financial Aid Office.

Q. The StudentLoans.gov website says that I need the school’s cost of attendance sheet, my financial aid award letter, and access to my student account in order to complete Entrance Counseling. What do I do?
A. It is recommended that you have these documents, only if the school has released the information to you; however, you can still complete entrance counseling without them. If you prefer to wait until you have access to the recommended information, you can complete entrance counseling in July without penalty.

Q. What loan amount should I enter when applying for the Grad PLUS Loan?
A. When applying for the PLUS Loan you want to make sure you borrow enough aid to cover the full cost of attendance. Under the “Loan Amount Requested” section it is recommended that you select the first option: “I want to borrow the maximum Direct PLUS Loan amount for which I am eligible, as determined by the school.” This way you can be sure to have the right amount of loan eligibility. You can always adjust the amount after you receive your financial aid award letter.

Q. I have an in-school deferment request that must be signed by a school official, to whom should I send it?
A. Any deferment of loans for incoming students will not go into effect until the start of the fall semester. Therefore, it would be best to bring the request form with you to Orientation. At that time, a representative from either the Registrar’s Office or Financial Aid can sign the form. Also, student enrollment data will be sent to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) on August 15th. Most loan servicers will be notified of student enrollment via the NSC. Check with your loan servicer to verify that they use the NSC for enrollment updates. If they do, it will save you the hassle of sending a paper form as the deferment will be done electronically.

Q. What private loan providers work with the law school?
A. The Sallie Mae SmartOption Loan is available to SLS students. More info on the loan and how to apply can be found at www.salliemae.com.

Q. I have additional financial aid questions, who should I contact?
A. The Financial Aid office can be reached at financialaid@johnmarshall.edu.


Q. I’m in the process of looking for housing, where do most students live?
A. Most students live within walking or biking distance of the school – either the historic or Victorian districts. Our Relocation Guide can assist as a start to finding a suitable place to live.

Q. I’m interested in finding a roommate; do you all have a roommate matching service?
A. If you will be looking for a roommate when you arrive in Savannah and would like to be included in the roommate pool, please fill out the Roommate Questionnaire and email it to admissions@savannahlawschool.org upon completion. The information you provide will be entered into an Excel spreadsheet and distributed to only those individuals who opted to participate in the roommate selection pool. You will then have the opportunity to review the information and contact the individual(s) that you feel would be the best match for you!

Q. Does Savannah offer a public transit system?
A. Savannah has a free public transportation system in the downtown area called DOT, which has a stop a block away from the school. There is also the Chatham Area Transit system, which has a stop directly behind the law school. More information about the mobility services in Savannah can be found at the City of Savannah website.


Q. When will I receive my SLS email account information?
A. You should receive your school affiliated e-mail address and login information by late June or early July. Specific detailed instruction regarding how to login to your SLS email account can be found HERE.

Q. What is the Online Student Services System, and when do I receive my login information?
A. The Online Student Services System, also referred to as “MySLS,” is a web portal designed for students to access information regarding registration, student records and student services. You will receive an e-mail with your login information and instructions in late July. Detailed information regarding how to login to MySLS can be found HERE.

Q. What information can be accessed via MySLS?
A. Through the student portal you can view your current schedule, book list, bill & financial aid awards, and much more.

Q. I have additional technology questions, who should I contact?
A. John Megale is our Network Administrator and he can be reached at 912-525-3906, jmegale@savannahlawschool.org, or itsupport@savannahlawschool.org