Welcome to Savannah Law School!

We are excited to start the school year and we know you’re counting the days. This letter provides information you’ll need to begin your first year.


The 1L Orientation for all entering students will be held Friday, August 11th and Saturday, August 12th. You can find the Orientation schedule here. Orientation is designed to assist you with your transition into law school. During this process you will meet with your faculty advisor and get to know your classmates, staff, and administrators. You will learn some of the basic skills necessary to prepare for and excel in your classes, and become better acquainted with the realities of law school. Orientation is the beginning of your professional career in the legal community. Professionalism will be highlighted throughout the two days we spend together.

On the Friday afternoon of Orientation, you will participate in our “Foundations to Academic Success” program with Assistant Dean James Hicks and a mock class with Professor Chris Ogolla. The week before Orientation, Assistant Dean Hicks will send you a separate email that contains a video you need to view and an assignment you must complete prior to Orientation. You should also read these two cases in preparation for the program and the mock class: United States ex rel. Gerald Mayo v. Satan and His Staff and Leichtman v. WLW Jacor Communications, Inc

The dress code for Friday, August 11th is business casual. Saturday, August 12th is designated by the State Bar of Georgia as “Professionalism Day.” All attendees are required to dress in business attire, preferably in dark suits. We will participate in a workshop sponsored by the State Bar of Georgia’s Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism. As part of that workshop you will take an oath to abide by the Law Student Oath of Professionalism and the Savannah Law School Code of Student Responsibility. You should read the Code (found here) prior to Orientation. The Code exists to foster and protect the core mission of Savannah Law School, to establish procedures to deal with violations of the law school’s standards, and to foster the scholarly, civic, and professional development of students in a learning environment that is safe and secure.

The Chief Justice’s office has provided materials for you to read in preparation for its program. Those materials can be found on the website here.

Practicing attorneys and judges from around the city and state have volunteered to assist us with this workshop and are relying on you to have read all of the material. Do not be alarmed if you find the hypotheticals confusing at first—that is normal. Reread anything that you do not understand and look up foreign terms–something you will be doing a lot of in law school. The volunteer attorneys and judges will build upon the information you have been assigned to read. The underlying goal is to develop your understanding of what law school and the profession require and what is expected of you to achieve academic and professional success.

First Assignments and Class Schedule

The first day of classes is Monday, August 14th. All first year courses are required and the registrar has already registered you for them. You can find the course schedule, book list, and first assignments here by clicking on “Fall 2017”.Make sure you have completed all of your first assignments before you attend your first day of class. Your professors will expect you to be prepared on the first day of class and ready to discuss the material in depth.

Parking and Smoking

There is no student parking in the front lot of the building until after 5:00 p.m. The front lot is monitored for improper parking. There are parking spaces in the back lot and on Huntingdon Street, across from the library in the area with “Private Parking” signs. Please do not park in the vacant lot next to the law school. You also should be able to find street parking near the school. Please also note that Savannah Law School is a non-smoking campus. There is no smoking on the property, including just outside any of the law school buildings.

This will be an incredible year for us all. Faculty and staff efforts will be directed at providing you with an intellectually challenging yet collegial, supportive, and professional environment from which you will launch your legal career. By design, we will build a close-knit community where relationships transcend the law school experience. We want this to be your optimum learning experience.

We look forward to taking these first steps with you as we set about preparing “highly skilled, ethical, and professional lawyers who possess a strong social conscience”

L. Rachel Wilson
Assistant Dean of Students and Career Development
(912) 525-3914