Course Schedule & Book List

Course Schedule

The course schedule for Savannah Law School is provided for students to assist in the registration process and to be a guide throughout the semester. The schedule lists each class being offered, its time, location, instructor, and course number. If students have any questions regarding the course schedule, please contact Assistant to the Vice Dean, Ylana Abbott at

2016 Summer Session Course Schedule (updated 2/29/16)

2016 Summer Intersession Course Schedule (updated 8/6/15)

2016 Spring Semester Course Schedule (updated 12/10/15)

2016 Winter Intersession Course Schedule (updated 10/26/15)

2015 Fall Semester Course Schedule (updated 8/6/15)

2015 Orientation Schedule  (updated 6/12/15)

Archived Course Schedules: 2015 Summer2015 Summer Intersession2015 Spring2015 Winter Intersession2014 Fall2014 Fall Intersession

Book Lists

2016 Summer Semester – Book List (updated 5/10/16)

2016 Spring Semester – Book List (updated 1/15/16)

2015 Fall Semester – Book List (updated 7/31/15)

Savannah Law School does not allow electronic books of any kind or format into a mid-term or final examination room. If you are enrolled in a course that administers an open book exam, you will not be able to bring the electronic version of any book into the examination room.