Savannah Law School has comprised a list of forms students may need to access during their legal education. If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact the Assistant to the Vice Dean, Amy Ervin at and she will direct you to the proper form.

1. Accommodations Policy, Form A – Petition for Disability Accommodations and Form B – Academic Accommodations Verification

2. Bar Certification Request

3. Permission for Non-Classroom Courses

4. Petition for Appeal From Ruling of the Associate Dean

5. Petition for Reinstatement

6. Petition for Relief From the Rules of Attendance

7. Petition from Variance of Academic Code

8. Petition to Graduate

9. Request to Defer Course Paper

10. Request for Variance from Academic Rules

11. Student Action Request Form (printable)

Student Action Request Form (fillable)

12. Meeting & Event Request Form