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Elizabeth E. Berenguer

Director of the Legal Skills & Professionalism Program and Associate Professor



B.A., Mercer University
J.D., Mercer University

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(912) 525-3905

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Elizabeth E. Berenguer is Associate Professor of Law, Director of the Legal Skills and Professionalism Program. Teaching responsibilities include Legal Writing, Research, and Advocacy, Appellate Advocacy, Pre-Trial, and Transactional Drafting. Professor Berenguer is the Director of the advocacy teams, both trial and moot court. Prior to teaching, she was a trial lawyer with the Office of the Public Defender in Florida where she represented clients in both misdemeanor and felony cases. Berenguer holds a J.D. and Bachelor’s degree from Mercer University.


  • A Call for Change: A Contextual-Configurative Analysis of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws, U. MIAMI L. REV. _ (forthcoming 2014). SSRN
  • The Invisible Man: How the Sex Offender Registry Results in Social Death, 2 J. L. Soc. Deviance 92 (2011). SSRN
  • From Innocent Boys to Dirty Old Men: Why the Sex Offender Registry Fails, 47 No. 6 Crim. L. Bull. ART 2 (Winter 2011). SSRN
  • Deadly Combinations: How Self-Defense Laws Pairing Immunity with a Presumption of Fear Allow Criminals to Get Away with Murder, 34 Am. J. Trial Advoc. 105 (2010). SSRN
  • Disaster Unaverted: Reconciling the Desire for a Safe and Secure State with the Grim Realities of Stand Your Ground (forthcoming American Journal of Trial Advocacy). SSRN
  • Gideon’s Legacy: Taking Pedagogical Inspiration from the Briefs that Made History, 18 Barry L. Rev. 227 (2013). SSRN
  • In Defense of Scholarship, 27 The Second Draft: The Official Magazine of the Legal Writing Inst., no. 1, Summer 2013, at 4
  • Zimmerman’s Acquittal: A Race-Neutral Verdict for a Racially Charged Crime, Jurist Forum (July 19, 2013)

Media, Public & Professional Appearances

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