Marc Roark

Professor of Law



(912) 525-3904


B.A., Louisiana State University
J.D., Loyola University New Orleans
LL.M., Duke University School of Law

Courses Taught

Property, Sales and Secured Transactions, Land Use, Law and Literature

Career Highlights

Curriculum Vitae

SSRN Papers

Professor Roark teaches Property, Commercial Law,  Law and Literature, Law and Society, and Law and Religion at Savannah Law School.   Before joining the faculty at Savannah Law School, Professor Roark held appointments at the University of Missouri, University of Tulsa, and the University of La Verne.

Professor Roark is a well-known scholar of Property Law.  He has appeared nationally in interviews by NPR and MSNBC News.   Professor Roark also writes for various national law blogs, having appeared on Concurring Opinions, The Faculty Lounge, Property Prof Blog and Commercial Law Blog, amongst others.   Professor Roark has published articles with Law Journals such as Duke Law and Tech Review, Cincinnati Law Review, Louisiana Law Review, Loyola Law Review, Journal of Legal Education, Cumberland Law Review, and UCC Law Review, amongst others.  Professor Roark’s current projects consider how space claiming in public forges collective identity; how Starbucks payment methods shape consumer remedy expectations; and how the morality of law is described and dismissed in early American cases.

Professor Roark holds a LL.M degree from Duke University and a B.A. Degree from Louisiana State University.


  • Homelessness at the Cathedral, 80 MISSOURI L. REV. _ (forthcoming 2014). SSRN
  • The Contracts Course Survey, 61 J. LEGAL ED. 435 (Feb. 2012). SSRN
  • Disease, War, and Waste: A Consideration of External Factors on the Trade Fixtures Doctrine Between 1350-1803, 41 CUMBERLAND L. REV. 1 (2012). SSRN
  • Limitation of Sales Warranties as an Alternative to Intellectual Property Rights: An Empirical Analysis of iPhone Warranties, DUKE L & TECH. REV. (Fall 2010). SSRN
  • Groping Along Between Things Real and Things Personal: Defining Fixtures in law and Policy in the UCC, 78 U. CINCINNATI L. REV. 1437 (2010). SSRN
  • The Real Property Interest in the UCC: Fixtures and Encumbrances, 42 UCC L. J. 197 (2010).
  • Loneliness and the Law: Solitude Action and Power in Law and Literature, 55 LOY. L. REV 45 (2009). SSRN
  • Reading Mohammed in Charleston: Assessing the U.S. Courts Approach to the Convergence of Law, Language and Norms, 14 WIDENER L. REV. 205 (2008). SSRN
  • The Constitution as Idea: Defining – Describing – Deciding in Kelo, 43 CAL. WEST. L. REV. 363 (2007). SSRN, (2006). SSRN
  • Opening the Barbarians’ Gate or Watching the Barbarians From the Coliseum: A Requiem on the Nomos of the Louisiana Civil Law,  67 LA. L. REV. 451 (2006). SSRN
  • All in the Family: The Apocalyptic Legal Tradition as Crit Theory, 75 UMKC L. REV. 482 (Winter 2006). SSRN
  • Note, Warning! Road Block Ahead!:  Louisiana creates Log Jam of Search and Seizure Analysis, 46 LOY. L. REV. 1341 (2000).

Other Writings:

  • Advice and Demands from a Law School Professor, The Law Street Journal
  • Divergent Opinions: Why Community Matters, Book review of Going to Extremes: How Like Minds Unite and Divide, by Cass Sunstein. Oxford University Press: New York 2009. Pp. 171. $21.95, posted at Concurring Opinions.
  • Editorial:  Will iPhone Network Hacking shake Apple to its Core?, Los Angeles Daily Journal, (April 15, 2009), p. 5.

Media, Public & Professional Appearances

  • 2013, New York’s Clearinghouse Annual Conference, panelist: When Innovation and Regulation Collide.
  • November 4, 2011, Symposium Mobile Technology and the Law: Mobile Money and the Possibilities/ Challenges of Payments Policies (invited presenter)
  • March 11-12, 2011, Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities, discussant for Panel on Property’s Futures; presented: Popular Property: Using Process-Laden and Property-Laden Concepts to protect Memory and Identity.
  • March 4-5, 2011, Association of Law Property and Society, presented: Property at Law’s End: How instincts towards private property transcend towards entitlements – Memory and Identity.
  • April 30, 2010, Conference on Intellectual Property, Iona College, presented:  Reshuffling the Art on the Cathedral Walls: Viewing Entitlements in Copyright through the outlier lens.
  • March 8, 2010, Association of Law Property and Society, Present Disease, War and Waste, A Consideration of External Factors on the Trade Fixtures Doctrine 1450-1803, Georgetown University.
  • August 2009, Panel on Contracts Pedagogy, The Contracts Survey 2009, Southeastern Association of Law Schools, Palm Beach, Florida.
  • June 13, 2009, Conference on Intellectual Property, Panel on Legal Limits of Intellectual    Property, Iona College, New York.
  • April 21, 2009, Limitation of Sales Warranties as an Alternative to Intellectual Property, University of Kansas, Workshop
  • March 9, 2009, Respondent to James Copeland, Manhattan Institute, “The Law Industry and How much it costs our society,” University of Missouri Federalist Society.
  • February 11, 2009, Limitation of Sales Warranties as an alternative to intellectual property University of Missouri   APPLY Now for Fall 2013 !


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