Options and Resources

Continue Your Coursework

Savannah Law School students have multiple options to complete their coursework, as outlined below:
  • Students who wish to continue their study in Savannah should register for all required coursework when it is offered and electives as desired. There is no change to this procedure, additional information is below.
  • Students who are interested in relocating to Atlanta may initiate their intra-campus transfer with the registrar, Sonya Taylor. All academic credit earned and current scholarships will be retained. A one-time relocation tuition credit of $2000 will be awarded to each intra-campus transfer student’s account at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Students who want to visit another school should submit a Student Action Request form to the registrar, Sonya Taylor.
  • Students who want to transfer to another school should request a transcript and a letter of good standing from the registrar, Sonya Taylor.

Savannah Law School Campus

Savannah Law School now occupies the current campus of St. Leo University in Savannah, located at 7426 Hodgson Memorial Drive. The Law School is remodeling the space specific to its needs, and will have library space for current students and alumni to study for the bar exam.