Professor Harpalani Awarded Derrick A. Bell, Jr. Award

December 8, 2016

Savannah Law School Associate Professor Vinay Harpalani was recently awarded the Derrick A. Bell, Jr. Award by the Section on Minority Groups within The Association of American Law Schools (“AALS”). The mission of AALS is to “uphold and advance excellence in legal education.” The Section on Minority Groups of the AALS carries forward the work of the Association.

The Derrick A. Bell, Jr. Award is a prestigious award that is presented to a “junior faculty member who, through activism, mentoring, colleagueship, teaching and scholarship, has made an extraordinary contribution to legal education, the legal system or social justice.” The Section on Minority Groups strives to effect communication and collaboration between legal professionals interested in issues relating to minority persons in the profession. Professor Harpalani has been doing an exemplary job in furthering that mission.

AALS will be honoring Professor Harpalani on Friday, January 6, 2017. Be sure to give him your congratulations when you see him on campus.



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