Professor McGee Quoted Extensively in ABA Journal

February 21, 2018

Savannah Law School Associate Professor Kellyn O. McGee was recently quoted extensively in an article published in the ABA Journal. The article, titled Supervision is key to effective employment of paralegals, was published in the ethics section of the journal. Professor McGee’s background includes experience in  ethics training, thus making her uniquely qualified to speak on this subject matter.

The article centers on attorney awareness of the ethical issues that can arise from using paralegals and legal assistants. It serves to remind practicing attorneys to look to Rule 5.3 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct for guidance on how to govern themselves. “While I think there is a problem with attorneys delegating to and not adequately supervising paralegals, I think the bigger concern is paralegals conducting themselves in ways that could be considered the practice of law and attorneys not reining that in,” notes Professor McGee. Current students and future attorneys, pay special attention to her advice.

You are encouraged to read the article using the link given above. Savannah Law School is rich in professors that continue to soar in the legal community outside the classroom walls. Be sure to congratulate Professor McGee next time you see her on campus.

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