Professor Wright Quoted in the Washington Post

March 2, 2018

Earlier this week Savannah Law School (SLS) Associate Professor Andrew Wright was quoted in The Washington Post. The article was titled The Daily 202: Hope Hicks’s evasiveness highlights how far Trump is pushing the envelope on executive privilege. The article centers on a recent nine-hour interview between White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and the House Intelligence Committee. Although, Hicks did not formally invoke executive privilege, she did refuse to discuss matters post the President’s inauguration. The interview left some angry.

“Until the committee uses its actual enforcement powers, the president is going to continue to thumb his nose at Congress,” said Andy Wright, an associate White House counsel under Obama who now teaches at Savannah Law School. “You are not allowed to do blanket refusals to answer. The fact they’re being so categorical is not a tenable position to hold.”

The Washington Post, a publication with an emphasis on politics, and a widely debated slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness” is one of the nation’s most prominent news outlets. Professor Wright graduated magna cum laude from Washington & Lee University with a B.A. in politics. Prior to joining the faculty at SLS, Professor Wright served in the White House as Associate Counsel to President Barack Obama, worked in Congress conducting oversight of U.S. national security matters, and as Assistant Counsel to Vice President Al Gore in the Clinton White House. After Bush v. Gore, he served as General Counsel to the Office of the Former Vice President for legal matters related to winding up White House affairs. His research focuses on separation-of-powers conflict in matters of congressional oversight and national security. Further, he is a Founding Editor of Just Securityan online forum on national security, international law, and human rights hosted by N.Y.U. School of Law.

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