Professor Wright’s Recent Accomplishments

October 13, 2017

Savannah Law School (SLS) Associate Professor Andrew Wright has experienced an active and accomplished few months. No stranger to a busy schedule and a dynamic presence in the legal community, Professor Wright is a great embodiment of the spirit of Savannah Law School community.

In June, Professor Wright participated in a Scholars Roundtable on Congressional Oversight at Wayne State University Law School. The mission of the roundtable was to analyze and improve congressional oversight and included 23 scholars from 19 institutions. The roundtable on congressional oversight was the first of its kind in U.S. academic circles.*

Additionally, Professor Wright has recently been sought out for his expertise and quoted in various well-respected publications on a plethora of topics. You are encouraged to read the articles: hereherehere, herehere, here, here, here, and here. Additionally, please find articles that Professor Wright has recently authored here, here, and here. Professor Wright devotes a lot of his time to stay up-to-date on relevant ever-changing legal topics, and for this reason, he is frequently contacted to discuss the same with prominent news outlets.

Professor Wright teaches constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedure, presidential powers, and federal criminal law. He joined the SLS faculty following a successful career serving in the White House during various presidencies, in Congress, and in private practice, among other things. Savannah Law School and the SLS community are grateful to have such a talented and accomplished professor on its faculty.

*Taken from Wayne State University.


{Pictured is Savannah Law School Professor Andrew Wright and Sen. Carl Levin (Mich.)}

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