Savannah Law School Increases Class Size and Diversity in its Second Year

August 27, 2013

Savannah Law School is pleased to announce the growth of our boutique community!  With applications shrinking nationally at a rate of 17.9%, Savannah Law School has bucked the national trend and grown its 2013 entering class by 11%  and  increased the diversity of its student body.

Incoming students represent 14 states (45% of students are from outside of GA), 37 undergraduate institutions, and 24 undergraduate majors.  With a median age of 31, a gender distribution of 63% female and 37% male, a minority representation of 16%, and a military veteran representation of 14%, Savannah Law School has committed itself to diversifying the legal profession.

Students joining our community exemplify a variety of different backgrounds. Some students joined us directly from undergraduate school at institutions like Georgia State University, Georgia Southern State University, Lewis and Clark College, Pennsylvania State University, University of South Carolina, and Valdosta State University. However, other students have spent years serving throughout the world as soldiers, Marines, small business owners, law enforcement agents, newspaper editors, skydivers, and parents.

Savannah Law School welcomes all its new students to asks them to take advantage of everything our boutique law school offers. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office to learn more about how SLS’s small classes and expert faculty foster great lawyers.

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