Savannah Law School to Discontinue Operations

March 22, 2018

The Board of Directors of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School has made the difficult decision to discontinue operations at its branch campus in Savannah – Savannah Law School. Since the branch was first established seven years ago, there has been an unforeseen national decline in both opportunities for legal employment and a corresponding decline in the national law school applicant pool. The Board’s decision was prompted by the continued small student enrollment at the branch. As such, it was the Board’s responsibility to acknowledge that a viable program of legal education could not be sustained at that location.

Current students at the Savannah campus will be given options and ongoing support. Each student will have the opportunity to complete his or her legal education at another site in Savannah. Alternatively, any student may complete his or her degree at the Atlanta campus. Regardless of which of the two options a student elects, he or she will retain all academic credits earned and current scholarships.

The Law School is proud of both of its current students and alumni and wishes them continued success in their studies and the practice of law. We know that the community that was built by Savannah Law School will continue to thrive.

PDF of Official Statement

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