SLS Student Cherrell Holmes Accepts Employment with U.S. Army JAG

February 21, 2017

Savannah Law School (“SLS”) student Cherrell Holmes has accepted post-graduation employment with U.S. Army JAG. As a Judge Advocate of the U.S. Army, Cherrell will offer legal services involving military operations in the areas of criminal law, legal assistance, civil/administrative law, labor/employment law, international/operational law, intelligence law, and contract/fiscal law. Among other duties, Judge Advocates are tasked with prosecuting criminal cases under the Uniform Code of Military Justice; providing legal advice to Soldiers, officers and their families; offering legal reviews, ethics opinions, and advice to commanders and their staff; and representing Soldiers at courts-martial and before administrative separation boards.

Cherrell joined the U.S. Army in 2007. Prior to attending Savannah Law School, Cherrell served as Executive Officer for the campaign “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2012-2013. Cherrell is currently a CPT Chemical Officer with the U.S. Army Reserve and will graduate from SLS in May of 2017. Congratulations, Cherrell! We know you will excel in all of your future endeavors.

*From the U.S. Army JAG website.

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