SLS Students Elected to Executive Board of SRBLSA

May 10, 2017

Savannah Law School students, Briana Tookes and Bradley Swinney, were recently elected to the Executive Board of the Southern Region of the Black Law Students Association (“SRBLSA”) for the 2017-2018 academic year. SRBLSA, a region of the National Black Law Students Association, serves as the outlet for other law schools throughout the country to articulate and promote the educational, professional, political, and social needs of African American students in the legal community.

Ms. Tookes will be serving as the Director of Community Service and Mr. Swinney will be serving as Regional Historian. Both Ms. Tookes and Mr. Swinney have served 2 years as Executive Board members for the Savannah Law School Chapter Black Law Students Association and will be expanding Savannah Law School through their regional positions.

Many congratulations to Ms. Tookes and Mr. Swinney! We are overjoyed for your new opportunity!

2017.05.11 Bradley Swinney2017.05.10 Briana Tookes


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