Office of Academic Achievement

Welcome to the Office of Academic Achievement (OAA)

Savannah Law School is committed to each student’s success. We recognize that being a successful attorney begins with being a successful law student. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities and resources offered by the OAA. The OAA is a learning resource center dedicated to preparing students to succeed in law school, on the bar examination, and in the legal profession. The OAA’s services are designed to sharpen students’ academic skills such as critical reading and thinking, logical reasoning, legal analysis, exam writing, and understanding doctrinal material. The OAA also works with students to help set and achieve academic goals.


The Office of Academic Achievement is dedicated to empowering Savannah Law School students to become effective learners by developing necessary skills for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in legal practice.

Courses Offered

The Professional and Academic Success Seminar (P.A.S.S.)

P.A.S.S. is a required course for all first-year students during their first semester of law school. The course modules assist first-year students in learning foundational academic skills needed for success in law school, including reading and briefing cases, note-taking, synthesizing course materials, issue-spotting, taking multiple choice and essay exams, and legal logic and analysis.

Advanced Analytical Methods

Advanced Analytical Methods is a course offered to 2L students that provides an in-depth approach to logical analysis. Throughout the course, students utilize a series of writing exercises and multiple choice questions, taken directly from past bar exams, to further develop their skills in formal logic, critical reading, fact analysis, identifying legal issues, creating counter analysis, and analytical writing.

Advanced Bar Skills

Students may take Advanced Bar Skills during their final semester of law school. In Advanced Bar Skills, students will further develop the skills required for success on the bar exam and learn strategies for answering multiple choice (multistate bar examination or MBE) questions and analyzing, organizing, and writing essay and multistate performance test (MPT) questions.

Individual Student Support

One-on-one academic counseling for students is available upon request or by referral from the dean or faculty. The OAA provides academic support with time management, learning strategies, organizational challenges, critical reading, study techniques, and exam skills. The OAA can also help students formulate thoughtful questions about their course work for meetings with faculty during office hours.


The OAA periodically offers academic and bar skills workshops. These workshops focus on specific skills that are necessary for success in law school and on the bar exam.