Student Success Programs

Our goal is for every Savannah Law School student to be fully equipped to practice law upon graduation.  To that end, we have implemented a host of student success programs designed to give our students the tools to move forward. From study skills, career development, passing the bar, externships, and job interviews, SLS teaches, mentors, and guides each student along his or her path to success.

Academic Achievement

To help our students achieve the high standards we set for them, SLS created an extensive support system that includes our Office of Academic Achievement where students receive personalized assistance in structuring a study program and strengthening study skills.

Legal Skills and Professionalism

SLS created the Legal Skills and Professionalism program with two goals: bring focused attention on passing the bar and create practice ready graduates. The program offers a cohesive approach to legal problem solving which is systematically built upon each year and prepares students for real-world situations for life after law school.


The externship program is a bridge between law school and the practice of law. Externships provide the opportunity to integrate theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom with practical, real-world experience of on-the-job training.

Career Development

We believe early career assessment and skills training are essential to a successful job search and career satisfaction. Our Career Development program offers an extensive range of resources and opportunities to identify and secure desired positions. With everything from individual career advising and job-specific seminars to mock interviews and job fairs, our graduates are thoroughly prepared for a successful job search.