Primary accounts issued by Savannah Law School include the following:

NetID: Windows Active Directory domain account that grants access to campus wireless network, shared network drives, office and lab computers, print services, and other web resources (career services job search, student evaluations, etc.).

Google Apps: Campus email services.

SofTest (Examsoft): Gives students access to use the SofTest program to take exams via their personal laptop.

NetIDGoogle Apps, & *SofTest: Account usernames are generated in this format –
First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Initial

i.e. If your full name is ‘John Anthony Doe’, then your username would be jadoe

Please note, although both accounts have the same username, these two accounts are separate. If you change the password on one account, the other doesn’t automatically change.

*SofTest account usernames do not allow the use of special characters. For example, if your full name is ‘Jane Amanda Doe-Smith’, then your username would be jadoesmith

CampusAnyware: Online Registration & Student Information Services. Your userID for CampusAnyware is your studentID or your SSN and your PIN is your date of birth initially in this format (mmddyyyy). You will be prompted to change it when you login the first time.

Account Creation

Faculty and Staff: Faculty and Staff accounts will be confirmed by the Human Resources office. Once confirmed, the user will be issued a NetID and Google Apps account. Faculty will receive Lexis and Westlaw/TWEN accounts from either the Director of the Law Library or Library Head of Public Services.

Students: Student accounts will be confirmed by the Registrar after the initial deposit has been paidand processed. Once confirmed, the student record will be created in CampusAnyware, and then the student will be issued a NetIDGoogle Apps, SofTest (ExamSoft), and CampusAnyware account.