Recommended Software

Students of SLS are free to use whatever software they feel best suits their needs. However, the school recommends that students use programs that are compatible with the software installed on our Computer Lab PCs. This will allow the student to easily transfer documents between computers, submit assignments, and communicate with the faculty and staff of SLS.

Additionally, in order to protect your personal computer equipment, your private information, and the school’s network resources, it is highly recommended that students install the software programs listed below for personal security & privacy. These programs can prevent most forms of virus, spyware, and other malicious programs.

It is strongly recommended that students be familiar with the proper usage of their own equipment and programs according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Software Recommendations for Greatest Compatibility
Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium or higher
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
More Info
Word Processing /
Office Suite
Microsoft Office, Home & Student Ed. or higher More Info

Software Recommendations for Personal Security & Privacy

Virus Protection (Windows)* AVG AntiVirus, Free Edition * More Info
Virus Protection (Mac)* Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition * More Info
Web Browser Mozilla Firefox More Info
Malware Remover (Windows) Malwarebytes (Virus, Spam removal) More Info
* Please Note: An up-to-date and active subscription to an approved anti-virus program is required to access the Internet, and any network resources ( i.e. printers,) on the JMLS network.
Should you need assistance, the Information Technology staff of SLS is available during their posted office hours. However the school cannot provide any form of repair or data recovery service, and cannot be held responsible for any failure of student owned equipment or software.

Free Alternative Word Processing / Office Suite Selections


Office Suite (Windows)

OpenOffice * More Info
Office Suite (Mac) NeoOffice * More Info

The programs listed above are some alternatives to the Word Processing / Office Suite software recommended by SLS. These programs are currently free for personal use, and are available for downloading from the Internet. SLS does not provide support for these products, and cautions students that the use of these programs is at their own risk. Support for these products can be found on the website for each program.

*Please Note: when creating documents using any of the above programs, or any other word processing / office suite software, save your documents in the MS-Word Document format. The use of any other document format is not supported by SLS