Tuition & Fees

Tuition is due and owing at the time of registration each semester. Any student who has an outstanding balance owing from previous semesters will not be permitted to register for the current semester. Exceptions to this payment policy are made for students who have been approved for participation in the installment payment program and students who have been approved for a student loan and are awaiting its receipt.

SLS will not release a student’s official transcript, for any purpose, unless the student is current in his or her financial obligations to the school.

Savannah Law School students may choose to finance their education through student loans or by participating in the school-based Tuition Installment Plan.

SLS students who are interested in participating in the program must contact the Student Accounts Office before registration.  To participate, students must execute a Promissory Note, pay a $75 participation fee and make a minimum tuition payment of $500.  The remaining balance of tuition is paid in five (5) monthly installments due on the 18th of each month of the semester.

A $75 late penalty shall be assessed for each installment not received by the 20th of the month in which the payment is due.  If payment is not received by SLS by the 30th or the last day of the month in which the payment is due, the student shall be deemed in default and shall be academically withdrawn from the SLS with no automatic right to readmission.  A student in default shall not be allowed to sit for examinations.

SLS reserves the right to terminate the student’s participation in the Tuition Installment Payment Program if the student is chronically late in making payment under the terms of their Promissory Note.  A student shall be deemed chronically late if the student makes more than two late payments.  A student need not be in default to be deemed chronically late.

A student who defaults on the terms of this Promissory Note shall also be liable for the costs incurred by SLS in collecting the unpaid principal amount and accrued interest, including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees, costs, and collection service fees.

A student who defaults on the terms of this Promissory Note shall also be liable for interest on the unpaid principal.  Interest shall accrue from the date of default at a rate of seven (7) percent simple interest per annum.

Once a student has been terminated from the Tuition Installment Payment Program, the student is required to pay tuition in full on the first day of class for future semesters.

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